Tina Shake

 My Secret eBay Diary

Over a year ago, I was very lucky to find one of the infamous 'Duffy Disney Bears' I hurried to eBay completeds to see what the sales looked like. I was unimpressed, looked like they were selling around $200 to $300…I then went to check Terapeak…I saw that the highest it sold in the last 6 months was $1000 and the next highest was $600. I started my auction at $600, received one bid. Terapeak doubled my money received with one use. Paying for Terapeak puts money in your pocket!

Terapeak gives you the market insights that you need to sell profitably

  • Make intelligent decisions based on buyer data
  • Understand market trends and seasonal changes
  • Keep a close eye on your competition

What's your item worth? Terapeak research knows.


Price Right — Sell More

Understand what prices the current market will support with a year's worth of eBay data. Knowbefore you list what your profit will be. Eliminate risk when you purchase new inventory.


Study Your Competition

See the eBay category leaders and learn from their success. Evaluate the performance of specific retailers and gain insight from your direct competition.


Stay Ahead of Trends

Watch seasonal trends and spot the hottest products before the brands make headlines. Know what to sell based on what shoppers want.

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